We’ve added elastic resin to our material choices!

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Vous pouvez désormais imprimer vos pièces avec la résine élastique qui ressemble au silicone.

Materials and composites are in constant development and they create new applications for existing 3D printing technology.

Having a Shore hardness of 50A, this resin is suitable for the prototyping of parts usually made from silicone.

Choose Elastic Resin to make parts that require bending, stretching, being compressed and withstanding cyclical stresses without tearing.

Who uses this?

Among the most popular applications of Elastic Resin are medical models and prototypes for silicone parts. Because Elastic Resin is transparent and can be manufactured quickly and in small quantities, it’s ideal for creating patient-specific anatomical models to help surgeons and other medical professionals prepare for complex cases. It’s also suitable for creating medical models for educational purposes.

You can find this new option available with the SLA technology.