3D Scan

Accueil / 3D Scan

Replicate out-of-print parts

If your object is one of a kind or simply not manufactured anymore, we have the 3D scanning technology that allows us to capture a very precise version of the volume and even the colour.  Once the volume completely captured by the scanner, we can produce a 3D file for you so that you can use to produce replacements, develop alternative versions of your item, or optimize the existing model.  We have all the tools to let you to convert real objects into virtual ones, or vice versa.

Get a 3D file

The 3D scanning process gives you the opportunity to convert real objects into very precise virtual 3D templates. The created files posses all the information required to replicate the object, or for reverse engineering. The scan also records the object's surface textures.

Save time

Use 3D scanning technology to modify and reproduce an existing part more quickly. You can then create a CAD 3D file with reverse engineering.

Size does not matter

3D scanners provide high quality 3D templates, no matter the size of your object. This technology works just as well with miniature parts as well as with larger objects. the precision can go up to 50 microns.