3D Printing

Consult the printing costs immediately and obtain your parts in just a few days by using our intuitive online platform.

3D Scanning

The scanning process allows you to convert your real life items into detailed 3D models. You can then reproduce the object, or reverse engineer it's design.


Let us help you with our expert advice and 3D modeling services. We can assist with every step of your project, ranging from the initial design ideas to your final prototypes.

Our service in three steps:

Use our online quoting tool to upload your 3D files

We print and prepare your parts accordingly to your demand

We ship the printed parts directly to you


Castable Wax resin is now available at Fablab Inc!

We have incorporated a new engineering resin into our material options which is used in the lost wax casting process.

This resin is a material containing 20% wax, allowing reliable and clean burning, without residue or ash. It perfectly reproduces intricate details and results in smooth surfaces characteristic of stereolithographic printing. The printed parts are strong enough to be handled without UV curing after printing, to undergo fittings and to be used directly for casting.

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L'impression 3D avec le castable wax permet de réaliser des pièces très précises à des fins de fabrication de moules.
New product

Use polyjet technology to bring new opportunities to your business

Our new polyjet machine is now ready to produce your parts!

Able to go up to a resolution of 13 microns, this technology makes it possible to combine precision and speed. It can also print large parts thanks to its 260 x 260 x 200 mm (10.24 × 10.24 × 7.9 in) area.

Several materials are available to order!

New: The RUSH 24 delay option is now available for this technology.

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Nous avons une nouvelle technologie disponible pour l'impression 3D avec une gamme de matériaux intéressants!

Sacrificial tooling for composite part fabrication

Although basic shapes and cross-sections are easily manufactured using traditional techniques, complex parts with hollow interiors still present a real challenge to manufacture in the composite parts industry.

Using thermoplastics that can be dissolved after printing, it's possible to better control the dimensions and even simplify components with complex geometries.

There are many advantages to using this material and you can learn more about them here.

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Fabrication d'outillage sacrificiel utilisant le matériau SR-130.
New service

Receive your parts as quickly as you need using our RUSH options

Using our 3 RUSH production options, your parts can be ready in 24, 48, or 72 hours.

These accelerated lead times will help you validate your 3D designs and build of your prototypes faster.

Connect to our online quoting services to place your order now.

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Trois options de production RUSH sont disponibles au choix lorsque vous passez votre commande.

The advantages of 3D printing in the medical sector

The medical field is a sector where there are many constraints that are always evolving and changing with the new technologies being developped. The resources used in surgery or to treat patients must be very precise and personalized. This means that the parts required are limited and therefore very expensive. 3D printing is a solution that is increasingly being considered and which brings a lot to the future of health and allows care adapted for each patient.

New applications of this technology are used creative ways, find out how these could one day help you!

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La médecine moderne trouve constamment de nouvelles utilisations de la technologie d'impression 3D. En savoir plus sur certains d'entre eux aujourd'hui!