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3D Printing for your business

3D printing revolutionizes the way businesses design and develop their products. Fablab has the solutions to help you reach your goals by speeding up the designing process of products, no matter what field you specialize in. We can recommend the best printing technologies and material choices to get the best results. Here are a few examples that demonstrate how 3D printing can work for your projects.

Resource optimization

Creating a part by additive manufacturing requires fewer steps, less waste, and you allows you to chose the appropriate material for your product.

Producing small batches

With 3D printing technology, you are no longer limited to producing parts on a large scale. It is now possible to make smaller sample lots at a reasonable price.


Additive manufacturing technology allows you to manufacture your part as soon as the design is done, without requiring tooling configuration.


Parts that would be impossible to manufacture with standard production techniques are now a reality. For example, it's possible to "nest" one part inside another with ease.

Reverse engineering

With our reverse engineering service, we can reproduce parts even if you don't have a production drawing or 3D model to work from.

Personalized service

We are here to ensure you make the best choices for your projects. Our professional team can help you with all your technical questions and guide you throughout the process.

Automotive industry

3D printing allows the automotive industry's manufacturers to build parts of unconventional geometry that were impossible to create before. Also, the large variety of materials available makes it possible to put a prototype to the test quickly with all kind of parts.
  • arrow_right Air ducts
  • arrow_right Chassis components
  • arrow_right Headlights
  • arrow_right Dashbord parts

Consumer products

Whether you want a realistic-looking prototype or a more customized and unique product, 3D printing technologies will surely meet your expectations.
  • arrow_right Sports equipment
  • arrow_right Toys
  • arrow_right Housings
  • arrow_right Packaging
  • arrow_right Complex parts

Aviation industry

With fused deposition modeling technology you can take advantage of high efficiency thermoplastics used for many diverse applications. This technology allows aeronautical manufacturers to rapidly innovate.
  • arrow_right Ducts
  • arrow_right Complex tooling
  • arrow_right Prototypes for wind tunnel testing
  • arrow_right Specialized parts

Medical industry

With 3D printing, researchers, doctors and medical manufacturers can work more efficiently and achieve never before seen levels of customization. Biocompatible materials are avalaible with FDM and SLS technologies.
  • arrow_right Prosthesis
  • arrow_right Demonstration models
  • arrow_right Research models
  • arrow_right Specialized tooling

Industrial tooling

3D printing techniques are often used in order to make items for molds and castings, tooling for production purposes or even spare parts.
  • arrow_right Templates for control
  • arrow_right Templates for assembly
  • arrow_right Printing plates
  • arrow_right Tooling


Create complex architectural models to validate concepts or partitipate in competitions. 3D printing makes it possible to realize projects that would seem otherwise impossible.
  • arrow_right Detailed scale models
  • arrow_right Real-life models
  • arrow_right Ready-to-paint models
  • arrow_right Extrusion segments