Accueil / Design

You are in the beginning stages of you design process and need some help?  Let us give you a hand if you need help with the design and engineering of your product. We can take charge of your project every step of the way, offering advice and services to go from from the initial design concepts to the final prototypes. At Fablab, we work with state of the art technologies to bring to life your ideas. Please, feel free to contact us or send us your files by clicking on “Online Quote“.  You can start by sending us images and opening a dialogue directly from your client page.


  • Design and conception
  • Professional renders
  • 3D parametric modelling
  • 3D surface modelling
  • 3D scans
  • Reverse engineering
  • Finite elements analysis
  • Preparing specifications
  • Consulting
  • 3D printing
  • Production of small series