Is our 3D scanning service for you?

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Découvrez si la numérisation 3D est une option pour vous aider à réaliser votre projet!

Some of the more interesting projects we deal with at Fablab Inc. involve reproducing parts that are no longer available.

That old kitchen appliance needs a new housing? Did something break in your bathroom and you can’t find a replacement? You have cool art projects or sculptures that you’d like to reproduce? These things and more are now possible!

With our range of scanning equipment, we can provide your 3D models in a variety of quality and formats that can fit all your needs.

How do we do it?

You can request a quote for a 3D scan directly from your client page by sliding an image if your item and giving us some details such as the general dimensions and your other constraints.

Once we’ve received your item and scheduled some time, we’ll perform as many scans with as many angles as possible. This process is laborious, but our team is trained to use the latest in 3D scanning technology to offer you the best results possible!

The scans are then manually processed to reduce the unwanted surfaces and “noise” before using these to generate the solid object model. This can be saved in a range of different formats, though we will only supply the .STL versions unless you request others specifically.

What you get out of it…

The end result is a 3D model of your item that you can use to reverse engineer the part. You can also play with the scale or make modifications to a mechanical component, allowing for quick prototype revisions.

The 3D models can be used to quickly calculate printing prices as well, simply upload these to your client page and make your material selection to compare our various options.