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One recent and interesting project we’ve completed was replacing a missing bracket for a motorcycle. This bracket was lost on the road and couldn’t easily be replaced, as it was part of an accessory kit that is no longer on the market. Luckily, the clients still had the components from the other (left) side, so we were able to mirror those 3D models and print a fuctional replacement for the missing items.

Here’s our process for this project:

  1. Receiving images and processing the request for information about this project.
  2. Meeting with the client to find out exactly what they need the 3D components for.
  3. Preparing a quote to explain the scope of the work to our client.
  4. Scanning the items and generating the 3D models for each component.
  5. Combining the models into a single, more durable assembly.
  6. Creating a mirror version of the scanned assembly to match the missing parts.
  7. Recommending the best printing technology and material for this application.
  8. Printing the part then manually cleaning away the support material.
  9. Validating the fit and durability of the part by having the client test it in the field.

The whole process, except for the printing, took just a few days and the part came out perfectly. Printing the item was the longest part, as our standard production delay is 6 business days.  In this case the client wasn’t in a hurry, but if your needs are more urgent you can opt for either of our RUSH options while placing your order.

We love these kinds of projects, since it’s a great way to use our latest technology to solve the most simple problems such as damaged or missing components.  Receiving follow-ups, images, and positive feedback from our satisfied clients is also a very rewarding part of the process.