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Apprenez à passer facilement votre commande avec ce guide simple.

Whether you are an individual, a professional, a designer, a craftsman or an artist, we can 3D print your projects.

Just use our online ordering tool to get your parts in only a few clicks.

Once your 3D models are ready, you can view the prices for nearly all our options directly from your user account. Once you’ve made your choices, you can order the parts easily and select a delivery or pick up option that suits your needs.

Quick and simple process

Just use our online ordering tool to get your parts in three easy steps:

  1. Send your file to our online ordering tool
  2. We print and prepare your part according to your speficifations
  3. You receive your parts or collect them from our location

Chose the best options for you

There are a few choices to make as you prepare your items. You should normally know the following details before you start adding items to your cart.However, we will be happy to advise you at any time should you require further details or recommendations.

Here are the steps required to add a new 3D model to your account, along with the configuration options you will need to select:

  1. Upload your file in. STL format
  2. Enter the dimensions and quantity
  3. Select the configurations :
    • The units of measurement
    • The technology used
    • The material
    • The color
    • The resolution
    • The surface finish
  4. The price will be displayed for the selected for the choices you’ve made.

You may need to request a price update for some materials before you can order, but these are dealt with promptly by our service team.

Once the prices have been entered, you can transfer the items to your shopping cart and placed your order. At this point, the only options you need to worry about are pickup or delivery choices.